"O Beautiful..."

I feel like this year's Independence Day is an opportunity for us to put down our agendas and remember a truly great nation. America, a country so long regarded as a beacon of hope, an open door for the wayward soul, has felt so far from that grandiose vision in recent days. A country founded on the proposition that all men are created equal seems to have lost sight of that creed completely.

Today, I pray that we unite and remember. I believe for a brighter tomorrow for America. I think that a country founded on God's principles can't ever, ever deny it, no matter how badly people want to. I yearn for a return to Faith for the nation, for liberty to ring true as one of its great virtues, all the while knowing that true liberty comes in a Country beyond our borders, beyond our earthly boundaries. Faith and hope for to that great Country gives me faith and hope for this one.

Happy birthday, America. Stay beautiful.