Sometimes, a smile says a lot.

I'm sitting in a Starbucks unwinding from a busy work day, reading my book, working towards my goal of reading about two books a month (Still on track). Across the way, a student (judging by his ball cap, he's from Cal State Fullerton) is studying away. It's a very typical, quiet weeknight in the buck of stars.

At some point though, we both look up and make eye contact. I smile and nod. He smiles and nods in return, an unspoken connection. I feel that I am saying, "Yeah, me too!" in a silent show of solidarity. He seems to say, "Good luck, man!" in reply. We don't know each other. We may never see each other again, but I find that it's kind of cool that for this hour or so, we are very much the same. We like coffee and we're getting some work done.

Good luck to you, man. Wish me luck, too.