Let's talk." - God

(A quick life testimony thing)

For the past few weeks, I’ve been suffering some shoulder pain. I’m not certain, even now, whether it was rotator cuff strain or shoulder tendinitis, or some other malady. I searched on Google for solutions and a means of self-diagnosis. In the end, I was able to find only that I should ice it and hope for the best.

Last Thursday, I took a walk after work. My customary routine when doing post-work exercise is to pull up a few podcasts and get some entertainment/education going; exercise for the brain and body. As I gingerly held my left arm close to my body, avoiding any unnecessary strain to my injured shoulder, I felt prompted to pray. I felt like God said, “Hey, let’s talk. The podcasts can wait.” Since I was also doing a fast that week with Angela, I decided it’d be a good time to translate that spiritual energy towards praying.

I told God a few things, and decided to put on some worship music as I continued my walk through my usual trail. As I listened and sang along, I felt urged to lift my hands, an act that would’ve sent blistering pain down my left shoulder. But when I did so, I felt a light sensation, and nothing more. I could lift my hands unrestricted as I listened/worshipped God. It’s kind of crazy. Ever since then, my shoulder has ached less and less with each passing day. Amazing.

Sometimes, all God wants to do is talk. And do healing power in our lives. No big deal.

HUGE deal.