Never An Easy Road

It’s never an easy road.
There will always be that heavy load;
The one that keeps us locked in place, 
making us long for more space

Poems are hard
For emotions that are charred
And yet, we try to write
because its like our birthright.


We may have the best jobs in the world, but there will always be something that makes things difficult. We may have the most amazing family in the world, but everyone is fighting and biting, clawing to keep up with the crazy pace of life.

I remember a quote that has no origin:

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

It’s almost as old as the golden rule (probably), and yet, I think it is as refreshing and revolutionary today as ever. Before we give in to the temptation to rant about someone at work or church, some teammate or family member, let’s make a pact to try to remember this.