Some (Good) Things That Changed in 2016

Below are a collection of random thoughts at 2:30 in the morning, on a sleepless night, on the eve of 2017. Below are a few things that changed for me in 2016, assembled in no order in particular.

  • I took a few social media breaks. In the past, it would be a weekend without Facebook here and there, but I’d remain logged in on Twitter, my favorite platform of choice. This year, I abandoned even Twitter for a spell. And you know what? It was quite nice.
  • Movies weren’t so good this year, but there were a few really good ones mixed in there. Jackie maybe will stick with me the most this year, emotionally. Rogue One was the most profoundly disappointing. The rest were just bad… some of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time. (That’s right, I’m looking right into your cold, heartless eyes, Suicide Squad)
  • I became a grad school student. At this time a year ago, that was not on my radar at any stretch. 
  • I became a church staff member. At this time a year ago, that was not on my radar at any stretch. 
  • In fact, it was an abandoned dream… a dream I thought had been trampled by circumstance and trial. But God had much better, far more appropriate plans for my life. As always.
  • 2016 was actually a really good year for me. I am very grateful.
  • I became less interested in having the latest and greatest in tech, but instead, focused on the tech that works best for me.
  • I can’t remember the last time a new record charged me and ignited my heart. Music hasn’t been so good these days, and that bums me out.
  • Filmed a short with my friends yesterday. After a molasses-like week of staring idly at a screen, that was great.
  • It's A Wonderful Life. I watched it twice this Christmas season, and wept and wept both times. Because of this scene. You know, the one:

"I want to live again. Please God. Let me live again."

Oh yeah. By the way. I think God is in the business of restoration. Been thinking about Ezekiel 37. The dry bones came to life because God willed it, and he invited Ezekiel to call it into being in prophecy. I’ve seen him revive my own dry bones, and I’m thinking he’s got that in store for a lot of people in 2017.

He restored my heart in 2014, he extricated cancerous cells from my spiritual body in 2015, and he gave me a good hard kick in the pants in 2016. What will he do next?