Real Life Character Arcs

Everyone loves a good character arc. The success of many movies, books, comics, TV shows, and plays is predicated on the ability of the writers to create characters with great arcs. The Hero’s Journey provides a very solid template for this, but I won’t go into that too deeply here. But do we allow for this type of character development in real life?

We often assume that our stuck-up friend will always be that “stuck-up friend.” Our thoughts are filled with: “Oh her? She’s so fake. I could see right through her niceness.” “Yeah, that guy is so dramatic. He’s always embellishing his stories to make him seem cooler than he actually is.” The list could go on, and on, and on.

These types of characters populate not just our regular lives, but are present in TV and movies and everything else. In movies, our character experience growth and progress. But do we ever stop to think that likewise, our friends and family members are growing and progressing as well? Maybe so.

I resolve to grow in patience this year, for those around me and for myself as well. I resolve to celebrate great stories in life, and to perceive people as in a state of transit; we are all on journeys. No matter where people are in those journeys, let’s celebrate that our arcs are still being told; our stories are playing out in real life!