Being sick is a humbling experience. Nothing like a good old flu/cold/cough/sore throat/all-of-the-above to knock you down a few pegs. Starting a year off sick is admittedly not how anyone would want to start off a year. Resolutions are planned, ideas are still bright possibilities, and the creeping feeling of invincibility clutches at our heart strings?


Eh, yeah. Maybe not all of us feel this way, but I certainly did! When the clock struck midnight, signaling the advent of January 1, 2016, I was filled with optimism. There was nobody who was going to hunt me down and stop me from my goals! that lasted all of one day. January 2nd, I woke up with a sore throat, and today, I got hit by that awesome full-body soreness that pretty much renders you rather useless.

The point is, I think getting sick is a pretty decent equalizer when we start to feel like we’ve got it all taken care of. I had to rely on friends, prayers, and a whole lot of Vitamin C to get through today’s many activities. Without those, I would’ve been reduced to a sniveling ball of self-pity and tissues.

Thanks to all who helped out; lean on your friends and family! They’ve got your back. 

Well, either this page is starting to shake or my eyes are starting to freak out. Later.