Trailer Tuesday: Teasers We are Watching

Kicking off this periodic, relatively regular smattering of posts about trailers, I've posted three in particular that has piqued my interest.

First, The Legend of Tarzan:

Very interesting take. This isn't Disney's Phil Collins-infused take on the popular man-raised-by-apes story. It looks moody and I'm definitely intrigued. It looks like it has flop potential though. But that's just my opinion.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Talked about this a bit on Sunday, but about the movie itself, I'm loving how it calls back to the previous film's events. The War of 1996 viral website is also a nice tough, as it kind of builds a little more depth around the story..

Not sure about this one. Looks fun, but also looks like Fast and Furious in space. And that's not just because Justin Lin is directing it... Okay, maybe it is. A little.