I used to have trouble trying to pare down my interests, to decide what’s worth writing about. 

I love to write. I think it helps me keep from going insane. I wrote a Switchfoot blog in high school.

I’m a sports junkie, with the Angels, Lakers, and Ducks as my drugs of choice.

Fanboy could very well be my middle name (It’s not). Daydreaming about a galaxy far, far away is a past time, contemplating the genetic structure of resurrected dinosaurs could be an occupation. It all sounds so, so silly, but here we are.

I have big dreams of singing for a living. For now, though, I’ll play this guitar and give all of my vocal chords. 

Yeah, there’s so much going on in my brain. Which topic is worth writing about?

In December of 2015, I decide, “Why not write about it all?” Life, colors, the lights, the darks, the dinosaurs, the lightsabers, the hypnotic crack of bat to ball, the mechanical thwack of stick to puck… Life is so brilliant, so full of everything. I’ll write about it all.


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